UI & UX designer of digital experiences.

I strive to create digital experiences that are effortless for real people and make complex processes easy to use – through discussion, iteration, prototyping and testing – whilst always meeting business requirements. I enjoy working as part of a collaborative team and using design to communicate ideas and start conversations.

The best designs are those that feel native, intuitive and bespoke, regardless of the users device or experience. In every design, I am conscious of the myriad of different scenarios that design will appear in, considering variations in accessibility needs, connection speeds and digital interfaces.

Highlight skills

I’m often involved from preliminary sketch, through UI and visual design to final delivery and so I have developed strong or good practical experience in the following:

  • UI and visual design using Sketch and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd and InDesign.
  • html and css markup.
  • Prototyping with apps such as InVision and Frontify.
  • Building design processes and design kits with Craft, Sketch and Frontify.
  • Delivering content on iOS and Android devices.
  • Content editing and delivery within a CMS.
  • Photo editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Video editing and production in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A bit of background

I started (more than few years ago) in magazine publishing and then moved into content delivery and production for digital platforms – both online and in-app. Most recently, I've worked as part of a strong design and UX team, designing, iterating and delivering a new loyalty programme and total digital rebrand for a large multi-product company.

Away from design, I struggle to put down my camera – mainly photographing things with four wheels and places I visit – shooting both digital and beautiful black and white 35mm film.